Penalty Assessments

Workers’ compensation compliance issues can wreak havoc on your business if you fail to comply with regulations in Florida. In addition to receiving a stop-work order, you may be required to pay a penalty assessment.

The Division of Workers’ Compensation may assess a penalty amount up to two times the amount you would have paid in insurance premiums during the last two years. This can result in a significant fee and will only increase if your business continues to operate under a stop-work order.

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At Druckman & Fee, P.A., I can help you address this serious issue. I have decades of experience handing complex workers’ comp matters. I know what options may be available and can walk you through the entire process to help you find the best resolution in your case.

I will get to know you, your business and the situation you are facing. It is important to address the problem immediately — I understand workers’ compensation compliance regulations and can help you fix the problem in a timely manner.

It is likely in your best interests to pay $1,000 down toward your penalty assessment. This will allow you to continue business operations as long as the compliance problems were fixed.

Penalty assessments can be disastrous to your business. You only have 21 days to file an administrative appeal after receiving the penalty assessment. If you fail to file the appeal, you are stuck paying the fine as is.

I can review all of your options and help you file the administrative appeal, but you need to review all of your options right away.

Don’t wait until time runs out! It is vital to contact me immediately so I can review your case and make sure an appeal is filed on time.

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To discuss your penalty assessment and how I can help, call my office at 800-523-7190.

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